Lindsay McQuade Returns From Afghanistan

Chamber Board Director Brian McQuade’s daughter Lindsay has recently returned to the United States after serving in Afghanistan as a surgical nurse for the United States Army.

In this article in the Northwest Navigator, Lt. McQuade talks about the benefits of the added services at the hospital in Kandahar and her thoughts about celebrating her birthday on the day of the opening of this section of the hospital (which we think is pretty cool):

Lt. Lindsay McQuade, med surgical nurse currently forward deployed from Naval Hospital Bremerton to Role 3 Hospital at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan was asked to give a speech in May 23 to commemorate the hospital’s second anniversary. McQuade corresponded with Cmdr. Elizabeth Oakes, NHB assistance director of Nursing Services and shared her experience of the event. (Read the rest of the story here.)


Thinking “Chamber” Across the Seas

Board Director, Brian McQuade, is on vacation. But he hasn’t stopped thinking “Chamber.” Here are two of the many emails we’ve received from him. [We miss you, Brian:)]

I thought Brad and the staff would appreciate knowing the oldest city in Australia, started by convicts sent from England over 200 years ago, has established a robust economy and very vibrant city, and uses The Chamber to support business activity.  Pretty cool hey?

Over in the outback in Alice Springs, about 200 miles from the center of Australia by Ayres Rock, The Chamber is alive and well. –Brian

Imagine my surprise to see this Alice Springs Chamber sign displayed.  Alice Springs is in the Outback of The Northern territory and nearly 1000 miles literally in any direction from any significant population base. It is a town of a few thousand people, mainly Aboriginal.–Brian