Hashtagging Red White & BOOM!

Thanks Travel Medford for compiling all the photos on Twitter and Instagram that were hashtagged, #rwb12. A big thank you to everyone in our community who took these pictures too.


Weekend Music: Go Witness Rising Star Finalists

Happening at South Stage Cellars this week: It’s the finals, the best of the best. Local artists performing for charity and the Rising Star title.

Friday May 25
6:00 Adey Bell
7:00 Qi Brothers
7:30 Charles Guy and Crystal Reeves
8:30 Robbie Dacosta

Saturday May 26
5:00 The Seons
6:00 Mark Charles Hill
7:00 Jeff Kloetzel
7:30 Dave Barnes Trio

Chinese Fable on OSF Stage

If you haven’t heard, The Chamber is organizing a trip to China this year. So, we’re especially interested in The White Snake at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

And if you want to join us on the trip to China, contact us at 541-608-8520. The deadline is July 15.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival
OverviewArtistsVideoLearn More
Serpent spirits, meddling monks
In a beloved Chinese legend, a snake spirit disguised as a beautiful woman falls in love with a young scholar. White Snake keeps her true identity secret from him, but a disapproving monk persists in unmasking her. With the help of Green Snake, White Snake summons all her magic powers to defeat the spirits and monsters threatening her life and her great love. With live music and beautiful visual metaphors, Tony Award-winning director Mary Zimmerman invites your imagination to her staging of this fantastical transcendent romance.

Age recommendation: The story is fantastical, romantic, charming and witty,with a dark and dangerous undercurrent. It will be fast-paced and visually exciting, and appropriate for students 12 and up. View full age recommendation.

Run time: 1 hour and 37 minutes; no intermission.

Audience notes: Incense is burned in this performance.

To prepare for The White Snake, please consider our Preface Plus offering, a 45-minute introduction to the world of the play, presented by an OSF Education Department staff member.

Chamber Treasurer Earns Right to Show Off

When Kathy caught this impressive Stealhead on the Coquille River, her husband threatened to throw her in the river–that’s how jealous he was 🙂

Here’s a photo to prove that Kathy Peckham, Secretary of the Chamber Board of Directors, did indeed score the catch of the day. At 30 inches long and weighing 14 lbs, her feat also scores as a “great performance.”