Moose Munch Bars for the Troops

All of us celebrate Memorial Day and honor our troops in our own unique way. Here’s how Chamber member, Harry & David, does Memorial Day.

1. Offer major discounts–I found deals at over 50% off today.

2. Offer coupons on top of discounts. (double bargains me smile)

3. Send Moose Munch Bars to U.S. soldiers.

In less than two years, Harry and David has sent U.S. troops several shipments of snacks and jerky and candy. The count on Moose Munch Bars alone is over 250,000. Be a part of the Moose Munch Drive for the troops–Shop at Harry and David, get $5 off your purchase and then donate the $5 back towards sending our troops a taste of our appreciation. (Or donate just $2.95 and keep a savings of $1.95 for yourself)

We’d love to hear your Memorial Day tradition or story too.


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